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Q: Where does dane sanzenbacher rank among the 40 yard dash times?
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How do you convert 40 yard dash times into 60 yard dash times?

You can't. It would be like extrapolating a marathon time from a mile time.

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What are the current winning times for mens 200 meter dash in the Olympics?


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Who is faster Peterson or bush?

Reggie Bush has a faster 40 yard dash times.

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What was joe montana's 40 yard dash time?

Joe Montana's 40 yard dash was done in 4.7 seconds. He is the only player to be named super bow map three times.

What is Olympic times in mens 200-meter dash 2000?

Costa's Kederis with 20.09 seconds!

Why did olympic 100 meter dash times go back up in 1950?

Clocks were inaccurate.

What are the top ten fastest 40 yard dash times of current NBA players?

As of September 2021, there is no official list of fastest 40-yard dash times specifically for NBA players. The 40-yard dash is primarily used as a measurement in American football scouting combines and not commonly tracked in basketball. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an accurate list of the top ten fastest times for current NBA players.