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Q: Where does Tim Howard Everton goalie live?
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What team is Tim howard on?

Tim Howard plays for Everton (England) and for USA

Who is the goalkeeper for Everton?

Tim Howard

Who is the US's goalie?

That is Tim Howard.

Who is everton's American goalkeeper?

Tim Howard

What team in the us did Tim Howard play on?

Tim Howard is now playing for Everton. he joined Everton from Manchester united.

For what club does Tim Howard play?

As of June 2014, Tim Howard plays for Everton, a club in England.

What soccer team is Tim howard on?


What teams in the epl have Americans?

fulham, Clint dempsey (1st team left back) Aston villa, brad friedel (1st team goalie) everton, Tim howard (1st team goalie) Liverpool, Henry Thompson-Jones (RESERVE)

What is the us national mens soccer team's goalie named?

Tim Howard

Who was the United states goalie in the 98 world cup?

The goalkeeper was Tim Howard for the U.s.A.

What car does Tim howard everton goalkeeper drive?

Mercedes c class with reg. EFC01

What famous soccer players have worn number 24?

Tim Howard for Everton Tiote for Newcastle