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The starting players have to stand outside of the center court circle, except for the two players jumping for the tip-off. The two "jumpers," usually the centers, stand opposite each other on opposite sides of the center court line facing their goals in the middle of the circle. The players outside of the circle may stand anywhere, but they usually line up around the permimeter of the center circle.

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You'll have your post or highest jumping player doing the tip standing at the inner circle facing the goal your shooting on. Normally your point guard stands in backcourt at the top of the key protecting the goal in case the other team gets the tip.

Two wings stand on either side of the tip on the outer circle, one in backcourt, one in front court. Then your power forward will stand opposite the point guard ready for the ball to make an easy basket.

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both teams get around the circle in the middle of half court. Each team's center stands in the middle and jumps for the ball - jump ball

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Q: Where do the starters stand at the tip-off?
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