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woodham walter scool

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Q: Where did Jackie pullinger go to school?
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What religion is Jackie pullinger?

jackie is christiun

When was Jackie Pullinger born?

If Jackie Pullinger went to Hong Kong by herself in 1966, she may have been about 20yrs old then, at a guess. So that would put her birth at something like 1946. === ===

When was Jackie Pullinger married?


When is Jackie Pullinger's birthday?

Jackie Pullinger's exact birthday is not known. She was born in the year of 1944. She was a missionary.

Where did Jackie pullinger grow up?

on earth

What project Jackie pullinger do in 2012?

She died in 1999

Is Jackie pullinger still alive?

yes and no

Is Jackie pullinger dead?

No She Isn't Dead Yet, She Is Still Helping Those In Need :)

What did Jackie pullinger do?

noHelped Triad Gang Mebers, Drug Addicts, And People That Basically Needed The Help They Could Get

What is Jackie pullinger doing to help in walled city?

Jackie Pullinger has helped the people in the walled city by taking the people in that have been thrown out onto the street and taking them to a big warehouse as a home and they became prostitues. And there are people up to all ages from as young as 10 of to the age of one woman the age 89 years old

Why did Jackie pullinger write books?

Jackie Pullinger wrote books to share her experiences of working with drug addicts and gang members in Hong Kong, and to spread awareness about her work among the marginalized communities there. Her books also aim to inspire and challenge readers to confront social injustices and take action to help those in need.

When did Dorothée Pullinger die?

Dorothée Pullinger died in 1986.