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He lived in California. And he lived with his mom

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Q: Where did Jackie Robinson live when he was a child and who did he live with?
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When did Jackie Robinson have his kid?

Jackie and Rachel Robinson's first child was Jackie Jr. in 1946.

Who was Jackie Robinson's oldest child?


Were do Jackie Robinson live?

Jackie Robinson died at his home in Stamford, Connecticut in October of 1972.

Did Jackie Robinson have a family?

Jackie Robinson had four siblings and they were raised by their mother. Their father left them when Jackie was a child. After marriage, Jackie married Rachel Isum and they had three children.

How did Jackie Robinson child die?

she killed her self

Where did Jackie Robinson go to when he was a child?

Pasadena California

Was Jackie Robinson abused as a child?

he ate my mom

Where did Jackie Robinson live after baseball?


Were did Jackie Robinson live?

cairo Georgia

Where did Jackie Robinson live as a kid?


What hardships did Jackie Robinson face as a child?

he was a howard chen

When were Jackie Robinson's kids born?

Jack Jr. was born in 1946, Sharon in 1950, and David in 1952