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With the Buffalo Bills for 2 years he was a walk on

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Q: Where did Christopher Boykin play football?
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Where did christopher boykin play college football at?

University of Mississippi

When was Christopher Boykin born?

Christopher Boykin was born on 1972-01-13.

Does Christopher boykin have a child?

Yes. Christopher Boykin Does Have A Child. She Is A Girl. Hope This Was Helpful! (:

Who did chris big black boykin play football for?

ole miss

Did Christopher boykin die?

no he did not die.

Who is Christopher Boykin's girlfriend?

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What is christopher boykin's wife name?

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Who is big black?

Christopher " Big Black" Boykin

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Brimfield Illinois

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No, Christopher Boykin does not get money from Rob Drydek. Instead, they share the money they make together on the show called Rob and Big.

Did Chris Boykin have a stroke?

Christopher Boykin has never had a stroke. He is large man but is pretty much a healthy person overall.

Are Rob Dyrdek and Christopher Boykin fighting?

no. there still close pals. christopher's wife had a kid.