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Texas A&M

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Q: Where did Billy Gillespie Coach before he came to Kentucky?
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Where did Billy Gillespie coach before coming to the University of Kentucky?

He previously had head coaching jobs at Texas A&M and UTEP (Texas-El Paso).

Did Billy Gillespie get a new job?

Billy Clyde Gillispie is an American college basketball coach who is the current men's basketball head coach at Ranger College. If that is a new job for you, then, yes.

When was Mike Gillespie - baseball coach - born?

Mike Gillespie - baseball coach - was born on 1940-05-07.

Who was the mens basketball coach for Oklahoma university before kelvin Sampson?


Who is the coach of Western Kentucky?

David Elson is the coach of Western Kentucky, and by the way, boo Florida Gators.

Which baseball coach has the most ncaa career wins?

Gordie Gillespie 1,783 victories.

Who is Billy Clapper?

Billy Clapper is a college basketball coach.

Who have been the basketball coaches at the University of Louisville?

The current head coach is John Calipari. He was the head coach at Memphis from 2000-2009 and left one year after his Final Four season while they were on a 2 year probation. Before that, he was at UMass from 1992-1996, where he left to coach in the NBA after UMass was put on probation by the NCAA.

Football coach of the Kentucky Wildcats in 2005?

Rich Brooks. Brooks was head coach of the Kentucky football team between 2003-2009.

Who was the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team in 2003?

W.W.H. Mustaine was the first men's basketball coach, starting in 1904, when UK was known as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky. Edwin Sweetland was their first paid basketball coach, starting in 1909, when UK was known as Kentucky State University or State University of Lexington. Sweetland was also the football coach at the time. Coaches after Sweetland but before the legendary Adolph Rupp included George Buchheit, Ray Eklund and John Mauer.

Has Kentucky lost at home with coach calipari?


Who was the coach of the 2008 Memphis basketball team?

John Calapari the now coach of kentucky