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Lord Baltimore (Cecilius Calvert), who was the first Proprietary Governor of the Province of Maryland.

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Public contest in the City of Baltimore.

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Q: Where did Baltimore got its name from?
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When did the Indianapolis Colts get there name?

The colts got there name back in Baltimore. They decided to keep their name when they moved too Indianapolis

How the Indianapolis Colts got their name?

I believe they originated in Baltimore, an area known for its horse breeding.

What is the name of Baltimores nhl team?

Baltimore's NFL football team's name is The Ravens, AKA, The Baltimore, Ravens. History: The name used to be the Baltimore Colts but that team got tired of being there so they went to another state which is Indiana. The city is Indianapolis. Then later on a team from another states came to Baltimore, Maryland to play football for our state and city but, the people of Baltimore didn't like the name they had which was the Browns, so the people of Baltimore was able to get it changed to what they want the name to be by having a vote. The name soon became the Baltimore, Ravens, and we love that name and it won't change for a while.

How did Baltimore get its name?

from Lord Baltimore

What is the birth name of Charli Baltimore?

Charli Baltimore's birth name is Lane, Tiffany.

Where did the team Baltimore Ravens originate from?

The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996 after stadium issues with the city of Cleveland. Cleveland was allowed to keep the "Browns" intellectual property, name, team colors, etc. The players, farnchise, and owner (Art Modell) moved to Baltimore. The name "Ravens" was chosen as the winner of a name the team contest, to pay homage to Edgar Allen Poe who was born in Baltimore. In 1999 the NFL awarded Cleveland an expansion team. That team assumed the name "Cleveland Browns" and continued play with all the team records and history of the franchise that moved to Baltimore.

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Where did the Indianapolis Colts get there name from?

They were originally called the Baltimore Colts until they moved to Indianapolis and got their current name. For more on the Colts, be sure to like Sports Media 101 on facebook!

What is a name of a sports team from Maryland?

Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Ravens

How did the Baltimore Orioles get their name?

After the real live birds named Baltimore oriole. The male Baltimore oriole has the same colors as Lord Baltimore wore, black and orange. Lord Baltimore is the founder of Maryland. The Baltimore oriole is also Maryland's state bird.

What is Baltimore baseball name?

The Orioles.

Why was Lord Baltimore given credit for discovering Maryland?

Because, Lord Baltimore got the land from King Charles and so he got to do what ever he wanted to do with the land so that is why he should get the credit for discovering Mary land.