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You can approach the players club - preferably after a match of before one. There are some players that will sign off a shirt without a problem. However, as more agents and managing agents get involved they are charging for shirts, match balls and pictures.

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There are a number of ways. Firstly is to approach the IRFU directly via their marketing team. The issue here is the volume of requests they get every day for such things and of course they can only obtain the squad signatures when the team have been brought together for international training - The next is the winter games including the 6 nations.

The other option is to make an approach to a regional club and ask if a group of players could take time to sign the ball and then pass it to another club. This is VERY difficult as you may get players who are not on international selection

Player's these days through their regions have "marketing" commitments and sign photos etc for people. However, clubs will charge for that picture to be signed. You could also attend matches and attempt to get specific player signatures. In credit to the majority of international players they try to help so may charities with such things that are then used as prizes to raise money.

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Q: Where can you get a signed rugby ball by the Irish rugby team?
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