Where can you get a cheer stunt block?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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You can Google "Stunt Stepper." They are pretty expensive though, I've found it's much cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Most websites actually give you the dimensions.

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Q: Where can you get a cheer stunt block?
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How to backspot a coed stunt?

You can backspot a coed stunt using cheer stunts.

is 127.3 Lbs to heavy to stunt in high school cheer leading?

i think it is way too heavy to stunt

What is the cheer stunt that they hold you at their waists called?

The cheerleading stunt for which one person is held at the waiste is called the prep.

What was the first cheer stunt ever?

A thigh-stand, because it is the simplest

What are examples of a cheer stunt sequence?

jumping over trucks on your motorcycle

What is the different equipment used for cheer leading?

The most common cheerleading equipment can be stunt straps, knee bands, and cheer shoes, as well as a cheer uniform.

Are there any cheer stunt games online?

yes.. if you go to then go to their arcade their is a stunting and a jumping cheer games(:

How much do cheer stunt stands cost?

Probably about 100 or 200 dollars

Is pyramid a group stunt in gymnastics?

No, gymnastics is not a group sport! It is probably a cheer.

How many cheerleaders can a cheer-leading squad hold?

As many as you can get. The more people you have the more stunt groups you can have and the more points you can score.

What is the cheer stunt called were the flyer is thrown from one set of bases to another with only a front spot keeping a hold of her ankles?

We do a stunt very similar to that in our routine, but we throw the flyer back. We just call it a throwback, I dont really think there is an official name for that type of stunt.

Today they changed our stunt group again and were having the most trouble everybody is ahead and i feel sad?

If you changed your stunt group again and now you are trailing everybody else, cheer up your group and have them prepare for the next event.