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Q: Where can you find 1983 spring training standings?
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How do I find the league standings for U13 soccer boys NorCal?

To find the league standing for U13 (under 13 years of age) for boys soccer contact the coach for the standings. If the coach doesnÍt know then the leagues office should know the standings.

Where can someone find out the standings of the NBA teams?

NBA regular season team standings can be found on many sports news websites such as those for the NBA, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports. Additionally, standings can also be accessed through the NBA's official app.

Where can on find the standing of their favorite NFL team?

If one wants to find the standings of their favorite NFL team, one can check the NFL official website. It contains full team standings and statistics, as well as individual players.

Where can you find a navy blue Red Sox BP spring training jersey like they used to wear?

Ebay or cooperstown, NY

When does 2010 MLB spring training begin?

Go to They have a countdown to spring training and schedules for the Indians.

Where can one find the standings of the Sky Sports Rugby League?

One can find the standings of the Sky Sports Rugby League through Sky Sports online. They give the latest Sky Sports Rugby League tables of Premier League, Championship, League One, Two, and so on.

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How do you find the current stats on whether or not the Boston Red Sox are leading the New York Yankees?

Click on the link below to see the Major League standings

Where can i find samples of bowling standings sheets?

Ask your bowling center front desk clerk or your league secretary. See link below for further help.

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