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Q: Where can you buy phillies little cigars menthol 100s?
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How much are marlboro menthol 100s cost in NC?

80 paise

Why are marlboro 72's called 72's?

they are 72mm long apposed to the 82mm of a standard cigg. That is also why 100s are 100s 100mm long. It refers to the length. that's why marlboro makes reds, lights, menthol, ultra light, and milds in the 72 variety. However when comparing sizes you can see that really the only thing that changes is filter size. 72s have just a little shorter filters than regular king size cigs. And the length of the tobacco area is just a little shorter.. and 100s have longer filters than king size and a little longer tobacco tube. That's why some people believe that 100s give you more for your money.

What is the new name for marlboro menthol lights?

Marlboro Menthol Silvers. Visit and scroll down to page 3.

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