Where can you buy Dan Wesson Barrels?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The only way to obtain these now are at auctions and private collectors or estate auctions that occur on a random basis. You get lucky sometimes. Good luck..


Dan Wesson is being operated by CZ USA, and has parts (including barrels) for SOME Dan Wesson revolvers. Visit the CS USA website for prices.

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Q: Where can you buy Dan Wesson Barrels?
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What is the value of 357m Dan Weston blue revoler?

Its dan Wesson- and about $200, more or less, depending on condition, model, barrels, etc. Most of these are very good revolvers.

What is the value of a dan Wesson 357 ctg with a 2 in 4in and 6in barrels ser 261952?

300-1000 USD depending on specifics

Where can you buy a slug barrel for smith and Wesson 1000 super 12?

Mossberg 1000 barrels will fit the Smith &amp; Wesson 1000 Super 12 only !!

What is a dan Wesson 357 mag ctg small frame with 4 interchangeable barrels and case worth?

200-1000 or so depending on specifics

What is the value of a dan Wesson arms 357 manum with adj rear sights serial 214415?

$100-300 depending on condition, model, and barrels.

Where can you buy barrel nuts for Dan Wesson model 15-2V?

Dan Wesson is now operated by CZ USA. Barrel nuts are available for about $15 plus shipping. See the link at the bottom of this page to link to the CZ parts page for Dan Wesson Revolvers:

When was Dan Wesson Firearms created?

Dan Wesson Firearms was created in 1968.

What year was a Dan Wesson 357 Serial?

dan wesson model 163305

What is the value of a Dan Wesson 357 Magnum CTG with 2 exchangable wood handles and 4 different barrels serial number 228303?

100-600 USD

Where do you call to figure out your serial number on your dan Wesson gun?

On line- Dan Wesson Forum

What is the maker of Wesson firearms b003879?

Dan Wesson

How do you find the age of your Dan Wesson 44 Mag serial 004852?

Do a web search for Dan Wesson collectors.