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There are a few places where someone could purchase a Smart Parts Ion paintball gun. A store like Sears, and websites such as trademygun, and ultimatepaintball, all sell Smart Parts Ion paintball guns.

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Q: Where can one purchase a Smart Parts Ion paintball gun?
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What are good parts to put on a Smart Parts Ion XE Paintball Gun?

a new feed neck or a drop forward

In paintball what is an ion?

An Ion is short for the marker, the smart parts "ION." It is an electro-pneumatic marker with impulse barrel threads, ion feedneck threads, and reverse threaded regulator threads. The classic ion cost about $200, where the new ION XE costs about $220.

What is the most recognized speedball paintball gun?

Smart Parts Ion, Dangerous Powers G3, proto Slg, and Invert Mini, are the most common speed ball guns.

What is a firebolt in paintball?

This bolt is an aftermarket accessory for most smart parts gun. This bolt lowers the operating pressure of the gun as well as helps the accuracy. The bolt fits any ion, vibe, SP-1, EOS, and Ion XE

Which should you get a smart parts vibe or ion?

the smart parts ion is by far a better gun. the vibe is a waste of money. the ion is a little more expensive but you won't go wrong with it.

How much can you sell your smart parts ion for?

A used Smart parts Ion can be sold for around 100-200 dollars depending on condition and what your willing to sell with it.

What did they use in jackass 3's duck hunting stunt?

They used Smart Parts ION paintball guns (automatic) to shoot the victim and a inflated balloon like apparatus called a "blob" to launch them into the air.

Should you buy a Smart Parts Ion or a Piranha GTI?

The Smart Parts Ion is a fantastic gun, in the sense it can be upgraded easily and it is not the most expensive gun. There are not nearly as many upgrades for the Piranha.

Will ion ex body kit work on the ion paintball gun?


Which is a better Paintball gun maker the Smart Parts Ion Xe or the Smart Parts Epiphany?

I would recommend the SLG because with the smart parts ion u have too upgrade it a lot to make it a great gun, with the slg itz fine right out of the box it comes with a better board an asa already on the gun and a clamping feedneck.

Best paintball gun for beginers?

It depends on if you think you will stay with it. There is the Tippmann 98 Cutsom for woodsball. There are alot of things you can do with this gun. And by Smart Parts they have the Vibe and the Ion. The Vibe can run on CO2 and HP, and the Ion can be upgraded to tournament level. These three guns will run you about $100-200. BUT you can find used Ions with upgrades for around $150. Try for used guns.

How do you use an ion paintball gun?

You need to be more specific.