Where are the seatle sonics in nba?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The Seattle Sonics are nowhere near the NBA in Seattle, the team is hoping for a return in the next three years

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THe Super Sonics were founded in 1967

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Q: Where are the seatle sonics in nba?
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Did Kevin durant play for the seatle super sonics NBA?


Why have the seatle sonics disappear?

the Seattle supersonics were relocated to Oklahoma City, and were called the thunder.

How many titles have the Sonics won?

the super sonics have won 7 NBA titles

What NBA team got replaced by the thunder?

The Oklahoma City Thunder moved from Seatle where they were the Seatle Supersonics

How do you unlock the super sonics in NBA 2k12?


Did sonics win an NBA title?

they won 1 in 1979.

Has the nba team sonics won the championship?

Yes, once.

Who replaced the team Seattle Sonics in NBA?

Oklahoma City thunder

Can somebody give information about nba seattle super sonics?

Its is now know as the Oklahoma City Thunders and they made it to the 1996 NBA playoffs.

Teams that Gary payton played on in the nba?

He played for the Sonics, Bucks, Lakers, Celtics, and the Heat.

Which NBA player had the nickname Downtown?

Fred Brown a former Seattle Super Sonics player.

What cities do not have a NBA team?

san Diego, Baltimore, Oakland, jacksonville, Tampa bay, seatle, kansas city,