Where are the ashes played?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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At any recognized Test Cricket Ground in England or Australia.

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Q: Where are the ashes played?
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What are the results of 2008 ashes series?

No Ashes was played in 2008. The last Ashes was played in 2009 which was born by England.

Who played gene hunt in ashes to ashes?

Phillip Glenister played gene hunt

How many ashes were played and which country won the last ashes?

not fully sure about how many were played but England won the last

Who played the ashes in 2008?

no one. the ashes are only played once every two years. the last one in 2007 and the one being played now in 2009

What is the song played during the ashes to ashes promotional advert?

Spandau Ballet - Chant No.1

Who played in Angela's Ashes?

Emily Watson

Where did the Ashes cricket was held?

ashes is a test series played between Australia and England and in both the countries

Which country participates in the Ashes Cricket series?

Ashes Test series is played between Australia and England.

Who or what are the ashes?

Kept at Lords cricket ground in London the 'Ashes' is the trophy played for between England & Australia.

How many Australian Cricketers have played in the Ashes?

alot .

What did sir Donald bradman do?

Played in Ashes and anything to do with Australioan Cricket, He was known to be the Batsman as he scored and average of 99.94 in the Ashes!

Who are studds steel read and tylecote on the ashes urn?

studds were d brother who played for england and have their own great history with ashes,