Where are HJC helmets manufactured?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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HJC branded motorcycle and off road helmets are manufactured in LaHabra, California. HJC Helmets are rated as one of the top helmet manufactures, with high ratings in the safety and stability of the helmet in a crash.

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Q: Where are HJC helmets manufactured?
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Where could I get a HJC branded helmet?

HJC helmets can be purchased online at They carry a large variety of HJC brand helmets. If you prefer to purchase an HJC helmet in person, locations for authorized dealers of HJC Helmets can be found on the HJC Helmet website HJC

Where are HJC motorcycle helmets made?

In a factory

Where can I find information on HJC helmets?

I would recommend you look for this information right on the HJC website, located at There is a great deal of information on all the different kinds of helmets available.

How much would mx helmets cost?

Motocross helmets range from $50 all the way up to $300. MxMegastore offers motocross helmets from manufacturers like Fox, Thor, AFX, HJC and many more.

What are some of the best crash helmets on the market today?

If one was looking for the best crash helmets on the market today, there are a few to choose from. Some of the best include the Shoei X-Spirit II, the HJC HG-1 Spies and the AGV S4.

What motorcycle helmets does Leather Up sell?

Leather Up sells an assortment of helmet styles and brands. Their merchandise includes; Outlaw, Hawk, Bell, HJC, Scorpion, Shoei, Xelement, Speed & Strength,Nexx, Nolan, GMax, Arai, and Modular Helmets.

What are motorcycle half helmets and where can I order one for my son?

As long as it is DOT certified, helmets are safe.The most popular brands for helmets are Shoei, Arai, Icon, HJC, Scorpion, Bell, Nolan etc. We also carry the mid-range helmets like the Vega, AFX, Gmax, Skid Lids and HCI. Choose which of them fits your taste and need.

What Company Makes the best protective gear for dirt biking?

I like alpine star boots HJC helmets Kilm pants Demon for elbow, knee and protective vest Its all personal preference

Why would someone need revolution helmets?

Revolution helmets, manufactured by Riddell, are worn whilst playing American Football. These helmets are worn for safety purposes and protect against major head injuries.

Where are Prorider ski helmets made?

Prorider ski helmets are manufactured in Kent, Washington. Established in 1995, Prorider manufacturers ski helmets, bike helmets, and BMX helmets. The company works in cooperation with non-profit organizations that help children, such as police departments, children's hospitals, and school organizations.

Where can one purchase a HJC helmet online?

Motorcycle Superstore, Leather Up, and Helmet City are three online stores that sell a wide variety of HJC helmets for men, women and children. Amazon will also have a decent selection, but the item may come from a third-party seller. One can also check an online auction site like eBay, but be very careful not to purchase a helmet that is used and has an unverifiable history.

What are hockey helmets made out of?

depends on the helmet. Its just plastic on the outside, it is the shape that helps to dispense impact. Inside there can be a variety of materials. Foam and Styrofoam are in most of the low end helmets, while a lot of the pro helmets have an air cushion system. The "plastic" is polycarbonate.