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"Fenwick's is a department store in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The Fenwick store in Newcastle sales men and women's clothing, cosmetics, and baby clothing. They sale home appliances and have several different food facilities to choose from to eat."

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The Fenwicks Newcastle is located in the United Kingdom. More specifically, Northumberland Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1AR. It is nearest to the John Dobson Street park.

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Q: Where Is The Fenwicks Newcastle Located?
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Who was the founder of Fenwicks?

Fenwicks is a chain of independent department stores which can be located all across the United Kingdom and was established in 1882. The founder was John James Fenwick.

What products are sold by Fenwicks of Brent Cross?

Some products sold by Fenwicks of Brent Cross are clothing and perfume. This store is located with in the city of London. This places also sells accessories and housing tools.

When did Fenwicks first open its doors to the public?

The Fenwicks first opened its doors to the public in the 1990s. The Fenwicks, initially, had not been open to the public, as it had happened to have been an exclusive club.

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Newcastle is located in the continent of Europe, specifically in the country of England.

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John Lewis in Newcastle is located in Eldon Square. Their full address is John Lewis, Eldon Square, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE99 1AB. Newcastle is in the United Kingdom.

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Which Shire is Newcastle located in?

I presume you mean the Newcastle (-upon Tyne) that is part of Tyne and Wear. Historically Newcastle is in Northumberland.