When was the RCA Dome built?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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construction began in 1983

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Q: When was the RCA Dome built?
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Why did the RCA Dome had to be imploded?

The RCA Dome had to be imploded in order for the Indiana Covention center to be built.

When was RCA Dome created?

RCA Dome was created in 1983.

What year was lucas oil stadium built?

it was completed in 2008.

The RCA Dome was formerly known as...?

Hoosier Dome

Is the Omni hotel near the RCA dome?

Yes. The Omni Severin Hotel - Indianapolis is within one mile of the RCA Dome.

Is the RCA dome in Indianapolis totally enclosed?

Yes, the RCA dome was totally enclosed. But, the RCA dome has been Blown up to make way for parking for the new stadium that the Colts play in starting 2008-2009 season called the Lucas Oil Staduim, across the street from were the RCA Dome Use To Sit. Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof

What is the oldest building in France?

RCA Dome

What is the maximum capacity of the RCA Dome?


What is the RCA Dome most noted for?

The RCA Dome is a domed stadium located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was most noted for being the smallest NFL based dome, only being able to sit about 56,000 viewers.

What is the name of the colts old stadium?

The RCA Dome

The RCA dome has what bearing on NFL stadium significance?

Smallest Stadium.

Where did the Colts play before lucus oil stadium?

The RCA Dome