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Q: When was Gordon west sent off against newcastle?
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What is the population of Newcastle West?

Newcastle West's population is 5,098.

When did Newcastle West End F.C. end?

Newcastle West End F.C. ended in 1892.

When was Newcastle West End F.C. created?

Newcastle West End F.C. was created in 1882.

What year did Newcastle United form?

1892 with the merger of Newcastle East and Newcstle West

Why did kevin nolan leave Newcastle fc for west ham fc?

West Ham are a better club than Newcastle, for a start.

When did Newcastle upon Tyne West - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Newcastle upon Tyne West - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1983.

When was Newcastle upon Tyne West - UK Parliament constituency - created?

Newcastle upon Tyne West - UK Parliament constituency - was created in 1918.

When was Elmer Gordon West born?

Elmer Gordon West was born in 1914.

When was Gordon West born?

Gordon West was born on 1943-04-24.

When did Elmer Gordon West die?

Elmer Gordon West died in 1992.

Newcastle united football club- when was it established?

Newcastle United was founded in December 1892 by the merger of two local teams Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End who were previously rivals in the Northern League, but after West End fell into financial difficulties they decided to merge. The deal included the lease on West End's stadium St. James' Park and several names were suggested for the new club, including Newcastle Rangers and Newcastle City, however they chose the name Newcastle United.

Can you do paintballing in limerick?

There is combat zone close to Newcastle west