When was Chase Field built?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Construction on the park began in 1996 and was finished just before the Diamondbacks first season began in 1998. It was the third MLB stadium to have a retractable roof and first in the US (the other two were Toronto's SkyDome and Montreal's Olympic Stadium).

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Q: When was Chase Field built?
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On what date was Chase Field first opened?

Chase Field, home to the Arizona Cardinals and located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona opened March 31st, 1998. During the first 7 years of operation, it was known as Bank One Ballpark, before switching to the name chase field in 2005. Chase Field was the first stadium in America to be built with a retractable roof.

When was Chase Field created?

Chase Field was created in 1998.

Where is the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium?

Chase Field has a retractable roof, so technically yes. The Arizona Diamondbacks have played in Chase Field since 1998. The stadium was the built from 1996-98 and is the first stadium built in the US with a retractable roof.

What city and state is Chase Field in?

Chase field is in Phoenix Arizona. It is the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What is the name of the Arizona Diamondback field name?

Chase Field.

What field is the Arizona Diamondbacks hosting the 2011 all-star game?

Chase Field.

When was White Sox field built?

The new field was built in 1991, it was renamed US cellular field in 2002

What was on the site of US Cellular Field before it was built?

Before U.S. Cellular Field/Guaranteed Rate Field was built it was a parking lot.

When was Wrigley Field built?

Wrigley Field was built in 1914. The Cubs didn't move in until 1916.

Where are some good ghost hunting spots in Arizona?

Chase Field

When was Heinz Field built?

The Pittsburgh Steelers began playing at Heinz Field in 2001.

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