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6th April 1992

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Q: When was Camden Yards built in Baltimore Maryland?
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When was the Baltimore Maryland warehouse built?


When was the us railroad built?

The first U.S. railroad line opened and ran in 1830 in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is the tallest hotel in downtown Baltimore?

The tallest hotel in downtown Baltimore, Maryland is the Tremont Plaza Hotel. It was built by the Freemasons in 1866 and was their headquarters for over 130 years.

When was the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore opened?

The Hippodrome Theatre is a former vaudeville theater in Baltimore, Maryland. Built in 1914 for impresarios Pierce and Scheck, the 2300-seat theater was the foremost vaudeville house in Baltimore, as well as a movie theater.

When was the first road built in America and where?


What year was the university of Maryland built?

The University of Maryland was built in 1856. As of 2013, the enrollment for the college was 37,272.

First factory in America built where?

Baltimore, Maryland by Jacob Fussel

When was the Maryland science center built?

It was built in 1927.

When was the Baltimore Ravens stadium built?

The current Ravens Stadium (M&T Bank Stadium), located across the street from Oriole Park at Camden Yards, was built over the 1996 and 1997 seasons after the Ravens moved from Cleveland after the 1995 season. During those 2 years, the Ravens played at Memorial Stadium on 32nd Street in Baltimore, where the old Baltimore Colts and the Baltimore Stallions of the CFL played.The stadium has been known by several names, including PSINet Stadium, Ravens Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium.The stadium opened for the 1998 NFL season. It seats nearly 72,000 fans, and was voted in 2012 as the loudest stadium (fan noise) in the NFL. Its audio and video system is also state-of-the-art, with 2 100'x20' HD screens at each end of the stadium.

Who built the colony of Maryland?

cecil calvert

Was fort McHenery built in Maryland?


Why did lord Baltimore set up a colony?

Maryland was created as a haven for English Catholics, who were discriminated against at the time, . They settled in the Colony of Maryland to escape persecution under the hands of the Anglicans. You could lose your head or pay large fines until you were bankrupt for practicing your Catholic faith back in those days. Maryland was also founded to make a profit. Lord Baltimore's father, Sir George Calvert, died before the colony he built could get underway. His son Cecil, Lord Baltimore, pushed on with the project. Baltimore wanted Maryland to be a refuge where his fellow English Catholics could escape religious persecution. The Calvert family moved to the colony of Maryland. They moved there for two reasons: first Newfoundland, Canada (first place Calvert's moved to) had rocky soil, cold climate, and was owned by France. The second reason is when they heard of this wonderful place called Maryland in which they wanted money even though they were already rich. When they got there there was warm climate and fertile rich soil.