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On January 15, 1967 the first Super Bowl, then called the AFL-NFL Championship Game was broadcast by both NBC and CBS. NBC owned the contract to broadcast AFL games and CBS owned the contract to broadcast NFL games. Both networks were allowed to broadcast the game ... beginning the next season, the networks began alternating broadcasting the game.

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Both CBS and NBC aired Super Bowl I. CBS had the national television rights to the NFL and NBC had the television rights to the AFL. The leagues, then two separate entities, agreed to allow both broadcasters to air the game. The broadcast team for CBS was Ray Scott (1st half play by play), Jack Whitaker (2nd half play by play) and Frank Gifford provided the commentary. The broadcast team for NBC was made up of play by play man Curt Gowdy and color commentator Paul Christman.

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Q: When the super bowl was aired by two networks which networks were they?
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