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Today (Saturday, January 30) there is a game at 9:30 ET against San Fran.

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Q: When is the next gonzaga basketball game?
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Which college is the Gonzaga basketball team associated with?

The Gonzaga basketball team is the intercollegiate men's basketball team representing Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The team's mascot is Spike The Bulldog.

What is Gonzaga University university known for?

their Basketball

What is Gonzaga University known for?

their Basketball

Where is the basketball team Gonzaga from?

Spokane, Washington

Where is gonzaga basketball team from?

Spokane, Washington

When did the gonzaga university basketball program begin?

They have never won it in Basketball.

What is gonzaga ncaa mens basketball nickname?

The Bulldogs

Who is Gonzaga Universities Basketball team coach?

Mark Few.

If ejected from a basketball game are you allowed to play in the next game?


How many division one basketball teams are named the bulldogs?

2 Gonzaga and Georgia

Will the lakes basketball team win their next game?

what kind of question is that

Does North Dakota State have a chance of defeating Gonzaga In the ncaa men's basketball tournament?

Gonzaga defeated North Dakota State 79-73 on March 18, 2017.