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Sunday 1:00 Colts(11-0) VS Titans.(5-6)

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Q: When is the next colt's game and who do they play?
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When will the Colts play the Bears next?

in 2011

What time the colts play dec30?

The Colts game that will be played December 30th will be on at 1:00pm on CBS

Do the Bengals play the Colts in the 2008-2009 season?

Yes. According to the Colts website,, the Colts will play the Bengals at home in the 2008 season. No date of the game has been released as of March 31.

Who will play in 2010 Super Bowl game?

Indianapolis Colts & New Orleans Saints

First Quarterback for the Baltimore Colts?

Fred Enke. The Colts first ever regular season game was September 27, 1953 against the Chicago Bears, a game the Colts won 13-9. Enke started the first 8 games of the season for the 1953 Colts, George Taliaferro started the next 3, and Ed Mioduszewski started the final game of the season.

Did the colts win their first home game ever?

Yes.The current Colts franchise began play in Baltimore in 1953. Their first ever home game was September 27, 1953 and the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears, 13-9.The Colts lost their first home game in Indianapolis. That was September 2, 1984 and they lost to the New York Jets, 23-14.

What city in Indianapolis do the colts play?

Since 1984 the Indianapolis Colts play in, you guessed it, Indianapolis.

What is the longest any team has used a no huddle offense during a game of play?

The Colts, they don't play in a huddle, Peyton Manning calls the play on the line.

Who won the colts game on Thursday?

The Colts beat the Jaguars 35-31 it was really good game.

What sport do the Indy Colts play?

The Indianapolis Colts play American football. They are part of the NFL.

When is the next prudue game?

You mean the next Purdue game. Tonight (9-26) they play Notre Dame at 8. Next week they play Northwestern.

Who won the colts jets game?

probably the colts