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after the january transfer window

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They come out on march 6th 2011

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Q: When is Match Attex 2010-11 extra coming out?
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When are Match Attex Extra coming out?

10th March 2010

How many Match Attex extra cards are there?

No extra card

Checklist on Match Attex extra?

stupid teenagers

When are Match Attex extra 2010 out?

March 11

How many Match Attex extra cards are there to collect?


When do Match Attex extra 09 come out?

12 march 2009

When will the Match Attex extra cards be released?

10th of March 2011.

When will Match Attex extra come out?

They are already out for the 09/10 season.

Who is the 101 player for Match Attex extra 09 10?


Where can you find the new ltd edition berbatov Match Attex extra card?

extra binder

Is limited edition possible to get in Match Attex or Match Attex extra?

well....there are 5 different limited edition cards in extra and 12 in match attax. if u buy some thing special like: * stater pack * the tin * match of the day magazine you probely will get them

How many pages in the Match Attex extra collector binder?

there are 49 pages on match attax collecter binder