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The University of Louisiana - Lafayette is a Division I school located in Lafayette, Louisiana. There mascot is "Rajin' Cajuns" and refers to the settlers of that area of the state that migrated from the Acadiana area of Canada. The school was originally Southwestern Louisiana Institute, then, University of Southwestern Louisiana and then to its current name, often sortened to ULL. Originally, the school's athletic mascot was Bulldogs. The school now plays in the Sun Belt Conference with other Louisiana schools such as the University of New Orleans, the University of Louisiana - Monroe, and Western Kentucky, South Alabama, Middle Tennessee State, Troy State, Florida Atlantic and others. ULL participates in all major sports. As of May 25, 2007, they are currently playing in the Sun Belt Conference baseball tournament at Eddie Stanky Field in Mobile, Alabama, and are scheduled to play at 7:30 p.m. (CDT) against the winner of the Troy/South Alabama game that is being played earlier in the day.

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Q: When does university of Louisiana lafeyeete play?
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