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The Nike Air Legend III and the rest of the nike line of soccer cleats will come out in october of 2009. This includes the new vapors, and the new 360s (instead of the total 90s. I saw them in a catolog in a soccer shop. They will have a baby blue color.

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Late winter/early spring

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Q: When does nike make new football cleats?
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Does the new Adidas football cleats have good traction?

Actually the NFL's new uniforms are by Nike not Adidas

What type of cleats do you wear in lacrosse?

There are two ways to fix this problem: 1) Specially designed cleats for lacrosse only, such a warrior's burn 2.0. Even though there is a limited amount of lacrosse cleats, big companies are coming out with cleats specially for lacrosse. Such as the new Nike talons. 2) Use football cleats specially made for turf, grass, etc. They are not made for lacrosse, but as in football, they are light, good for cutting, and have good protection for your ankles.

How do you fix the Nike sign on your soccer shoes?

Buy new cleats

What brands of soccer cleats are the best?

It depends what position you play if you are a striker(forward) i would recommend Adidas F50's or Nike vapor's. Midfield i would recommend Adidas Adipures or something in that area. Defense and keeper any power cleats preferably puma.

What brand does Jacoby Ellsbury have currently now for cleats bat batting gloves mit etc?

His uniform is Majestic, hat is New Era, like everyone else in the MLB, Nike cleats, Rawlings bat, Nike batting gloves, Rawlingsglove, Nike undershirt, Nike sleeve.

Where to buy soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

Can you wear the same cleats for youth football and baseball?

"Football cleats give you more support in the midsole than soccer or baseball cleats," says Joseph Skiba, equipment manager for the New York Giants. "This helps with lateral movement and with things like taking hits or making tackles." With a sturdier feel than a soccer cleat, football cleats keep your feet and ankles from turning. This allows for quick movements and helps keep your feet under you when tackling, blocking or taking hits. So it's probably fine to wear football cleats for baseball or soccer, but you shouldn't wear baseball or soccer cleats for football.

What is the car in the new Nike football commercial?

It is a lexus zxl

What do you do when your screw in cleats fall apart?

What I would advise you do is get new cleats, maybe a better brand, the brand you made might not make good cleats?

Is Nike going to make new Nike mercurial?


Did they stop selling hyperfuse 2010?

Its possible Nike stopped selling them, but if you browse eBay and such your can probably find a pair new. I do this a lot for soccer cleats

How do you approach Nike with a new product?

go onto the nike website, and make it on there!!