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As of the 2008 season, that was October 13, 2002 when the Packers defeated the Patriots, 28-10.

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Green Bay's most recent win over the Patriots was in 2002, 28-10.

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Q: When did the packers beat the patriots?
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When the packers beat the patriots?

The Packers last beat the Patriots in 2002.

Who won the championship from the patriots?

The Chicago Bears beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XX The Green Bay Packers beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI The New York Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

In 1997 who won the national football league?

The Green bay packers beat the New England patriots 35 to 21. Packers won the NFC the Patriots won the AFC.

What teams played in the thirty-first Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXXI (31) featured the New England Patriots against the Green Bay Packers. In the end the Packers beat the Patriots, 35-21.

Who did the Packers beat for their last Super Bowl title?

New England Patriots 2011 update: Pittsburgh Steelers

When did the patriots last play in greenbay?

As of the end of the 2011 season, the last time the Patriots and Packers played was on December 19, 2010. The Patriots were led by Tom Brady and the Packers by Tom Flynn, who got the start for an injured Aaron Rodgers. The Patriots held off a late Packers drive to win that game by a score of 31-27. The Packers would go on to win 19 straight games, including Super Bowl XLV, and not lose again until December 18, 2011.

When the last time bears beat packers?

The New England Patriots last played the Green Bay Packers 11/19/2006, on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. The Patriots won the game 35-0. The last time the Patriots played the Packers in New England was 10/13/2002. The Packers won the game 28-10.

How much did the Green Bay Packers win by in the Super Bowl of 1997?

Green Bay beat the New England Patriots 35-21

Are packers better than the patriots?


Who is the youngest nfl team in 2010?

Packers, Patriots are the youngest

What were the quarters scores of super bowl XXX1?

Quarter 1: New England Patriots- 14 Green Bay Packers- 10 Quarter 2: New England Patriots- 0 Green bay Packers- 17 Quarter 3: New England Patriots- 7 Green Bay Packers- 8 Quarter 4: New England Patriots- 0 Green Bay Packers- 0 *Total*: New England Patriots- 21 Green Bay Packers- 35

Where did the packers and patriots play at in 1997?

The New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers played twice in the calandar year in 1997. The first meeting was the culmination of the 1996 season, when the Patriots and the Packers squared off in Super Bowl XXXI. The Packers defeated the Patriots 35-21. The game was played at the Super Dome in New Orleans, La. In the 1997 regular season, the week 9 match-up between the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers took place at Foxboro Stadium. The Packers won that game as well, 28-10.