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Q: When did the NHL start the helmet rule?
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Is it a rule that you can't wear a full cage helmet in the NHL?

You can in-fact wear a full cage in the NHL. The reason why players do not wear a cage is because it obstructs vision.

Did Wayne Gretzky have to wear a helmet?

For a while he didn't have to, but then the NHL required the use of a helmet.

Who was the last player in the NHL to wear a helmet?

Craig MacTavish.

What was the first NHL goalie helmet made of?

fiber glass

When was the diving rule introduced to the NHL?

the diving rule was introduced to the NHL in 2010 sept,11

What happens in the NHL if a goalie loses his helmet during play?

Although goalies used to play bare headed, in the modern NHL a goalie losing his helmet results in an immediate stoppage in play.

Who was the last player in the NHL not to wear a helmet?

Craig MacTavish was the last "bare-headed" NHL player. He retired after the 1996-97 season and is currently the head coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

How many teams in the NHL have green in the uniforms?

The green dot is the result of a new rule in effect for the 2007 NFL season. The green dot helmet indicates that the helmet is wired with a radio for calling in plays to the quarterback. Only one player with a radio is allowed on the field at a time. The green dot on a helmet signifies a player who has a radio receiver in his helmet.

Is the Bauer 4500 a safe enough helmet to buy?

Yes, this helmet is used by much of the NHL and I have this helmet playing AA and no problems so far. I love it! Looks good too!

Which NHL hockey player will be the first to wear warrior hockey helmet?

Zdeno Chara

Who was first nhl player to wear a helmet?

That distinction goes to George Owen, Boston Bruins defenseman. He had played football while in college and when he entered the NHL in 1928 he wore the same leather helmet that he had worn in college when playing football.

What year did the enforcer rule change in NHL?

2005. After the 2004-2005 NHL lockout