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Q: When did ted Williams get the name teddy ballgame?
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What has the author Ted Williams written?

Ted Williams has written: 'Teddy Ballgame' 'Curly hare gets it straight' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Rabbits, Self-esteem, Stories in rhyme 'Big Medicine from Six Nations (Iroquois and Their Neighbors)' 'Teddy Ballgame, Revised' 'Rogues of Bataan'

What was Ted Williams' nickname?

The Splendid Splinter Also known as "The Kid" and "Teddy Ball Game"

Who Replaced teddy ballgame in front of the green monster?

someone less successful as the greatest ballplayer of all time that is nothing but a stupid non knowing hater, who thinks that he can really replace TED WILLIAMS other known as AKA teddy ballgame 400!!!!!! So when i get my hands on him he'll wish that he had never been BORN. So unless he wants to get sleighed in baseball by yours truly i suggest he backs off the well known spot of ted Williams UNLESS TED WANTED HIM TO TAKE HIS SPOT. SO DISREGARD EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE SAID.

Who is the greatest hitter ever?

Teddy ball game AKA: Ted Williams

What is the birth name of Teddy Rooney?

Teddy Rooney's birth name is Ted Michael Rooney.

What position did ted Williams play for the Red Sox?

No. Ted Williams played his entire career with the Boston Red Sox.

What is the birth name of Teddy Phuthanhdanh?

Teddy Phuthanhdanh's birth name is Ted Phu Thanh Danh.

What is the girls name teddy short for?

te or ted

What is the last name of chelshey handler boyfriend ted?

His last name is Harbert. First name is Ted/Teddy/Theadore.

Laurona shot guns by Ted Williams?

Ted Williams was the store brand name used by Sears. Laurona made the shotgun for Sears and stamped it Ted Williams for the.

Males living in Nashville with name teddy bear?


What was ted Williams whole name?

The Splendid SplinterTed Williamms full name is "Theodore Samuel Williams"