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Q: When did rules change regarding pitchers batting in world series?
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In the World Series what is the rule about pitchers batting for the National and American Leagues?

During World Series games played in National League ballparks, National League rules are enforced, and the pitchers will both bat like any other position player. During World Series games played in American League ballparks, American League rules are in effect, and both teams have the option use a designated hitter and the pitcher will not bat if this option is taken. If, however, a DH is later put into a game as a position player, the DH option is then lost, and the pitcher must bat.

Who are the starting pitchers for todays World Series opener?

Starting pitchers for Game 1 of the 2007 World Series were Josh Beckett for the Boston Red Sox and Jeff Francis for the Colorado Rockies.

How many pitchers does the average world series team have?


How many pitchers pitched complete World Series games?


Who are some pitchers with no World Series wins?

Several pitchers who never won a World Series championship include Mike Mussina, Tommy John, Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry and Don Sutton.

What made the 1968 world series so special?

Two Cy Young and MVP award winning pitchers from that year faced of in the World Series. The pitchers we Bob Gibson of the Cardinals and Denny McLain of the Tigers.

How far do the pitchers in the little league world series pitch from?

46 feet

How far is pitchers mound for 2013 world series softball?

43 feet

Pitchers that hit two World Series home runs in one game?

No pitcher has ever hit 2 home runs in one World Series game. Bob Gibson and Dave McNally are the only two pitchers to have hit 2 home runs in their World Series careers.

Who were the starting pitchers in game one of the 1981 World Series?

Ron Guidry and Jerry Reuss

Who are two phillie's pitchers to hit a home run in the world series?

joe blanton is one

Who was the mvp in 2001 World Series?

The 2001 World Series had co-MVPs - pitchers Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling of the Arizona Diamondbacks.