When did Tom Brady start his career?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Brady's pro football career began in 2000 when the New England Patriots drafted him

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Q: When did Tom Brady start his career?
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What influenced Tom Brady?

The career of Joe Montana. Brady idolized Montana.

How many touchdows does Tom Brady have in his career?


What is Tom Brady career record?


How much yards was Tom Brady's throw?

In his NFL career Tom Brady has thrown 26,446 passing yards, all of them with the Patriots

Who has the most NFL career quarterback yardage?

Tom Brady

Hom many completions has Tom Brady had in his career?

According to Pro Football Reference, as of the start of the 2008 season Brady has 2294 completions in the regular season and 372 completions in the playoffs.

Who has more yards out of there whole career Tony Romo or Tom Brady?

Tom Brady has 39, 979 passing yards and Tony Romo has 20,834 passing yards. So Tom Brady has more

How many fumbles did Tom Brady have?

He has fumbled 80 times in his career

What is tom Brady's career win-loss record?


Did Tom Brady start at michagan?

Yes it did

What year did Tom Brady start?


What is Tom Brady's injury status?

He will start the start the 2009 season