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He started the 1998 and 1999 seasons for the Michigan Wolverines

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Q: When did Tom Brady become a micigan starting quarter back?
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Who was the first girl to be quarter back for the browns?

Brady Quinn.

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What are opinions of Tom Brady?

Franchise quarter-back, clutch quarter-back, good sportsman, team leader.

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no maybe Peyton maning

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Tom Brady

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Tom Brady of the New England Patriots set that record with 5 on Sunday, October 18, 2009 in the second quarter against the Tennessee Titans. He threw 2 to Wes Welker, 2 to Randy Moss and 1 to Kevin Faulk.

Who was the back up for Tom Brady this past season?

The back up quarterback for the 2008 New England Patriots was Matt Cassel. Brady was hurt in the first quarter of the first game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The injury was season ending. At that point Matt Cassel became the starting quarterback for the Patriots for the remainder of the season. Brady has recovered from the injury and will once again be starting for the Patriots, while Matt Cassel was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Michael Brady is a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels.

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tom brady 2009