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Q: When did NFL players start wearing pants above the knee?
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When did baseball players start wearing uniforms?

they start wearing shorts and pants

When did women start wearing pants suits?


When should you start wearing white pants?

Wearing white pants:You should start and only start wearing white pants and white shoes after labor day.Traditional time that you can start wearing white is after Easter!______________________________________________________________read what you wrote: this is a WRONG answer!This answer should be:It is proper etiquett to start wearing white pants, tops, skirts, shorts and white footwear after Easter but not after Labor Day.*if you were to wear it after labor day you would then be in September and no one wears white in september!

What year did hockey players start wearing numbers?


What year did the nba players start wearing mouth guards?


What to wear with leather pants?

You might start with wearing a leather jacket and leather boots. (Seriously :) You can wear anything depending on the pants color. If they're black, wear anything. But you'll look better wearing a leather jacket (a color matching the pants) and leather boots (matching the pants).

When did football players start wearing cleats?

About 1969 is when astro turf cleats began.

When did women start wearing suits?

Women started wearing business suits as early as the 1930s. These early suits were skirt suits not pants suits that can be found today.

Did sagging pants start in slavery days?

No, it is modern and started in the prison systems here in the US. The lower the pants means that the person wearing them is "open for companionship" from another prisoner.

How was the fashion 1960?

The fashion in the 1960s was diverse but had lots of color. It was the start of shorter skirts and even women wearing pants in public. There were also the start of light colors.

When did girls start wearing pants?

at the end of the Victorian period... but most women still wore skirts and wer considered week and fragile (which i tots disagree w/!)

What if you are a girl and a girl in school always sticks her hand down your pants in class?

If you don't like it tell her to stop. If she doesn't tell an adult. If you do like it tell her not to do it in class cause that's how rumors start. You could start wearing a really tight belt so she can not get her hand into your pants. You could meet her after school and ask what she wants with you. Or you could tell if she does not stop then you will pants her in school and everybody will see her panties. Stick your hand down her pants and see what she does.