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Q: When did Miami beat Alabama in a bowl game?
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Who was the quarterback for the sugar bowl game between Miami and Alabama?


Who won the 1993 citrus bowl?

Alabama beat Miami in a national championship game.

Alabama won their last national title in 1992 against Miami What was the score of that game?

34-13 in the Sugar Bowl.

How did Alabama beat Texas Tech in the 2005 Cotton Bowl?

A Game-Winning Field Goal! A Game-Winning Field Goal!

Who played in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl?

AnswerOregon defeated Colorado 38-16 in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl. The previous answer that Ohio St beat Miami in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl is incorrect, that was the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Ohio St won the 2002 national championship by beating Miami, but the Fiesta Bowl they beat them in was the 2003 Fiesta Bowl as the game was played on January 3, 2003.

Where was Bear Bryant last football game?

Memphis Tennessee at The Liberty Bowl. Alabama beat Illinois 21-15.

When was the last time Alabama and Miami played in a football game?

As of the 2007 season, the last time the two teams met was in the 1993 Sugar Bowl with Alabama winning 34-13.

Who was the only team to beat the 1988-86 super bowl champion bears and what was the score?

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Bears, 38-24, on December 2, a Monday night game in Miami.

Who did the Miami Dolphins play when they won the Sugar Bowl?

The Sugar Bowl is a college game and the Miami Dolphins are an NFL team.

What NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game?

which NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game

What was the spread in the 1992 Alabama and Miami game?

I was there at the game, and if my memory is correct, it was 9.5.

When did Missouri beat Alabama?

Missouri beat Alabama in the opening game on ABC TV. I believe it was 1976.