When did Kung Fu Soccer end?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Kung Fu Soccer ended on 2005-01-09.

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Q: When did Kung Fu Soccer end?
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What is the duration of Kung Fu Soccer?

The duration of Kung Fu Soccer is 2700.0 seconds.

When was Kung Fu Soccer created?

Kung Fu Soccer was created on 2004-12-06.

When did Kung Fu HD end?

Kung Fu HD ended in 2009.

When did Kung Fu Kids end?

Kung Fu Kids ended on 2008-04-25.

When did Real Kung Fu end?

Real Kung Fu ended on 2005-11-18.

how does Kung Fu Panda end?

It ends with Po's dad saying "My son is alive.", hinting there will be Kung Fu Panda 3.

When are the Kung Fu panda 2 toys coming to McDonald's?

Kung Fu Panda 2 should be in McDonalds around end of June 2011

Do pandas know Kung Fu?

Pandas know kung fu only in the Kung Fu Pandauniverse.

What is real Kung Fu?

Kung fu comes from China. Shaolin monks teach real kung fu there.

When was My Kung Fu created?

My Kung Fu was created in 2004.

What was the name of the 80's KUNG FU tv show?

The only old tv show I know of that featured kung fu was, in fact, Kung Fu, starring David Carridine.

What is the name pos Kung Fu gang?

kung fu warriors