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The goalkeeper, like any player, can be substituted at any stoppage of play, with the referee's permission. The important difference for goalkeepers is that they also need the referee's permission to switch positions with an outfield player (outfielders can normally interchange amongst themselves, but the 'keeper is a special case).

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You can make up to three changes during a game. The number of substitutes varies across leagues and competitions, but no matter how many players are sat on the bench, you can only make a maximum of three substitutions.

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Yes the goalkeeper is counted as the substitute in football.

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A maximum of 3 players can be subsituted in a football game. A player is subsituted when he is injured, tired or underperforming or due to tactical reasons.

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Q: When can you substitute a goalkeeper in soccer?
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Does play have to stop in soccer to substitute a goalkeeper?

Play has to stop in order to bring on a substitute, whether it be a goalkeeper or an outfielder.

How many goal keepers are on a soccer team?

On a team there is only one goalkeeper on the pitch at one time. On a matchday squad there would usually be a substitute goalkeeper on the bench. At a football club there would usually be three goalkeepers or so.

Number of players indoor soccer team?

Most indoor soccer games are played with six active players per team, one of which is the goalkeeper. Substitute players are permitted.Source:

What is the maximum weight for a goalkeeper in soccer?

Nothing requires a goalkeeper to have a maximum weight.

What is the best soccer goalkeeper for boys?


Who is the person who gads the net in soccer?

The goalkeeper.

When a goalkeeper gets sent off what happens?

When a goalkeeper gets sent off, they have to leave the field of play and cannot be replaced by another goalkeeper. A teammate will have to step in as the substitute goalkeeper for the remainder of the match.

What player on a soccer team has been injured?

the goalkeeper

Can a goalkeeper do the center kickoff in a soccer match?

no :-x

Who is the best soccer goalkeeper ever?

Gordon banks

The best goalkeeper in soccer?

julio Cesar (Brazil )

The best soccer goalkeeper in the world?

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