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Q: When can a player go in motion in football?
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What is trapping in football?

The technique of trapping in Football (Soccer) is when a player makes contact with a ball in motion and minimizes or negates the motion of the ball so that the player has comeplete control of the ball.

Who is quicker to go pro football player or basketball player?

Faster to go to basketball player than pro football player. Sorry to everyone who is trying to make it to pro football.

How can you meet a football player?

Go to a football game

What college do you have to go if you want to be a football player?

Any that have a football team.

What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom if you are a player in a football game?

Hold it.

Will a spiralling motion football or a wobilling motion football go farther?

A spiralling motion football will typically travel farther than a wobbling motion football. The spiral helps stabilize the ball's flight, minimizing air resistance and allowing for greater distance and accuracy in the throw.

What does man in motion mean in football?

If a running back, wide receiver, or a tight end are originally set in one spot and begins to run to the opposite side of the formation, even though they may not go all the way to the opposite side. In American 11-msn football, only one player may be in motion at a time when the ball is snapped, and he must be running parallel to the line of scrimmage or away from it. Two players may be in motion at the same time, but they both must come set before the snap or another player goes in motion. In Canadian 12-man or Indoor 8-man football, two players can be in motion at the time of the snap, and they can go in any direction they like as long as they are behind the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap.

How do you Draw a picture describing how force and motion act on an object?

Show a picture of a football player kicking a ball.

Who can go in motion on offense in football?

Full back,tight end, wide receiver , tackle

How do you become an indoor football player?

Best way is to just ask a coach or player on one of the teams. Or go on you-tube and do a search on becoming a football player.

How many players can go in motion simultaneously?

Only one player may be in motion presnap to a play

How many times do you have to go to college to be a football player?