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f=ma so a=f/m

a=200 newtons / 120 grams

a= 1.6667 newtons/grams

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Q: When a baseball player hits a 120 gram baseball with a force of 200 newtons what is the acceleration of the ball?
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What is the acceleration when the force is 50 newton?

Acceleration can be calculated using the formula: acceleration = force / mass. If the force is 50 newtons and the mass is known, plug those values into the formula to get the acceleration.

I have the weight and force so how do i figure out acceleration?

Acceleration = force in newtons divided by mass in kilograms

How are force mass and acceleration are related by newtons second law of motion?


What is related to force?

mass, acceleration, motion - speed and velocity, newtons 1st law force = mass * acceleration speed requires force to change force acts on velocity to change it newtons 1st law describes force

If 5 newtons of force are pulling on 5 newtons of force?

If 5 newtons of force are pulling against another 5 newtons of force in opposite directions, there will be a net force of 0 newtons, resulting in no movement or acceleration. The forces are balanced and cancel each other out.

What is a force and is measured in newtons?

The measure of a force acting on a body is the mass of the body multiplied by its acceleration in the direction of the applied force.

How do you find linear?

acceleration = force in Newtons/mass in kg

Does mass need to be changed to newtons to find the acceleration?

Mass can't be changed to newtons. The newton is a unit of force, not mass.In order to find the acceleration, you need to know the mass and the force.Then, the acceleration is (force) divided by (mass).

What force needed to give 500 newtons this acceleration 3.00 plus 3 meters per second squared?

There is some confusion here. 500 newtons IS a force. You don't "give a force an acceleration". You can accelerate an object (which has a mass), but not a force.

How do you get the newtons of an object?

To calculate the force in newtons, you need to multiply the mass of the object in kilograms by the acceleration due to gravity in meters per second squared. The formula is F = ma, where F is the force in newtons, m is the mass in kilograms, and a is the acceleration due to gravity in m/s^2.

How do you find N?

If by N you mean Newtons, then the formula to use would be Force=mass x acceleration. Newtons is the unit of measurement for force

What is Newtons second law of montion?

F=M*A (F=force m=mass A=acceleration) force equals mass times acceleration