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As of the start of the 2008 season, the Raiders have won three Super Bowls: Super Bowl XI - January 9, 1977

Super Bowl XV - January 25, 1981

Super Bowl XVIII - January 22, 1984
The Oakland Raiders won in 1977, beating the Vikings, in 1981, beating the Eagle, and as the LA Raiders won in 1984 beating the Washington Redskins.

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They did not win a super bowl since they lost to Tampa Bay 48-21.

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Q: What years did the raiders win the Super Bowl?
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What years did the LA raiders win the super bowl?

1984 from the 1983 season.

Can the Oakland Raiders win a Super Bowl?

No. They are a bad team. Maybe in the next 5 years or so....

Will the Oakland Raiders ever win the Super Bowl?

Not this year

What year did the Raiders have their best win loss record?

The Raiders went 13-1 in the 1967 and 1976 seasons. They went to the Super Bowl both years, losing to Green Bay in Super Bowl II and defeating the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI.

What three years did the Eagles win the Super Bowl?

The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, but they played in it twice. In Super Bowl XV, they lost to the Raiders 27-10 and in Super Bowl XXXIX, the Patriots won 24 to the Eagles' 21.

Who was the Quarterback for Raiders Super Bowl XVIII win?

Jim Plunkett

What team was the first card entry to win the super bowl?

That would be the Oakland Raiders who won Super Bowl XV.

How many times did the Oakland Raiders win the super bowl?

3 times. Super Bowl XI XV XVIII

Did art shell win a super bowl with the raiders?

Yes, as a player Shell was a member of the Super Bowl XI and Super Bowl XV winning teams.

Oakland Raiders Super Bowl wins?

yes and won a couple of them SM: The Raiders have appeared in five Super Bowls and won three of them. Two wins as the Oakland Raiders and one win as the Los Angeles Raiders. They have a 3-2 record in the five Super Bowl games.

Who won the first Super Bowl hosted in Tampa?

The first team to win a super bowl hosted in Tampa was the Okland raiders.

Was Tim brown on the raiders win they won Super Bowl xviii?

No, Tim Brown joined the Raiders for the 1988 season. Super Bowl XVIII was the championship game for the 1983 season.