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This stadium will host Super Bowl XLV in 2011, beating out bids from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.[19]

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Q: What year is Super Bowl at new cowboys stadium?
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Is the super bowl?

The Super Bowl is in a different stadium every year. The 2011 Super Bowl will be held in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on February 6.

What state is hosting the Super Bowl next year?

Texas will host Super Bowl XLV. This upcoming years Super Bowl will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Where will the Super Bowl be played this year?

It will be played at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington Texas.

Can a NFL team get home field advantage in the super bowl?

Yes, but not by how well they play but by the luck of the draw. Stadiums that are chosen to host a Super Bowl are selected four years in advance of the game they will host. Therefore, it is possible that a team could play a Super Bowl in it's home stadium. Super Bowl XLV will be held in the Cowboys Stadium, Super Bowl XLVI in the Colts stadium, Super Bowl XLVII in the Saints stadium, and Super Bowl XLVIII in the Giants/Jets stadium. If the Cowboys make the Super Bowl this year (2010), the Colts next year, the Saints two years from now, or the Giants/Jets three years from now they will, in essence, being playing a home game.

Where is the super bowl going to be this year?

Super Bowl XLIV will be played Feb. 7, 2010 in Miami. The 2011 Super Bowl will be played in the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Where will the Super Bowl be held in 2015?

Venues for the Super Bowl are selected four years in advance. Therefore, this being 2007, the latest venue selected to host the Super Bowl is the new stadium that the Dallas Cowboys will build and the year they will host is 2011. The venue for the 2015 Super Bowl will be selected in 2011.

Where was the Super Bowl held in 2009?

The Super Bowl is in a different stadium every year. The 2011 Super Bowl will be held in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on February 6.

Who won the super bowl the year 1996?

The Dallas Cowboys.

What year was the cowboys in the last super bowl?

In January 1996.

In what year did the Dallas Cowboys hold the record for most penalties in one Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIV, the Dallas Cowboys were penalized 133 yards.

What year was the Super Bowl in Dallas?

The NFL title game on February 6, 2011 was the first-ever Super Bowl played in the Dallas area. One of the reasons that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones built the mega-sized, all-weather Cowboys Stadium was to secure Super Bowls for North Texas.

1st time cowboys went to the Super Bowl?

The VI Super Bowl took place at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 16, 1972. The teams were the Miami Dolphins against the Dallas Cowboys.</font> The first Cowboy victory was Super Bowl VI against Miami. Their first appearance was the previous year in Super Bowl V in Miami. The Colts defeated them 16-13.