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Q: What year did they stopping the carter Stanley blueridge 1060p guitar?
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Where is the blueridge guitar made?

Blueridge guitars are made in China.

What kind of guitar did Carter Stanley play?

Martin d28

What model of blueridge guitar does jimmy capps play?

He plays Martin, Taylor, and for the past few years a Blueridge.

What is the value of a Blueridge BR-O guitar?

Probably $100. The old ones were made of laminate and not as good as the new Blueridges.

What model guitar does Jimmy Play on Larry's Country Diner?

It looks like a Blueridge BR 163 CE cutaway

Did Jimmy Carter play the guitar?

no he did not

Who is Luke Bryan's guitar player?

michael carter

What guitar is Carlene Carter playing on Baby Ride Easy?

Gibson Explorer Western Guitar

What type of guitar did Paul Stanley play?

I believe a Les Paul

When did Paul Stanley learn guitar?

Paul was self-taught. However, he did take guitar lessons as a teen. His first song was "La Cuccaracha."

Who played on the studio songs on Kiss alive 2?

1.All American man 2.Rockin, in the USA Paul Stanley Rhythm guitar lead vocals Gene simmons Bass guitar vocals Gene simmons Bass guitar backing vocals Paul stanley Rhythm guitar Bob kulick Lead guitar Bob kulick Lead guitar Peter criss or Anton fig drums Peter Criss or Anton fig drums 3.Larger than life 4.Rocket ride Gene Simmons Bass guitar lead vocals Ace frehley Lead guitar bass vocals Paul stanley rhythm guitar backing vocals Paul staney Rhythm guitar Peter criss drums Peter criss drums Bob kulick Lead guitar 5.Anyway you want it Paul stanley Rhythm guita lead vocals Gene simmons bass guitar lead vocals Ace frehley Lead guitar Peter criss or Anton fig drums

When was James carter poet born?

he played the guitar. he gets imagination from his magic wood