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The Philadelphia Eagles traded Terrell Owens in 2006.

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Q: What year did the Philadelphia Eagles trade Terrell Owens?
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Who did the Philadelphia Eagles trade for Hank Baskett?

On May 18, 2006, the Philadelphia Eagles traded wide receiver Billy McMullen to the Minnesota Vikings for wide receiver Hank Baskett.

Will the Philadelphia Eagles acquire Curtis Martin in a trade for Brian Westbrook?

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no n on o no no i m jets fan as i like westbrook i love martin and jets will never do dis trade You gotta be kiddin me. martin is older and slower than dirt the eagles would sooner trade for mark martin.

Who did the eagles trade for Ron jaworski?

In the spring of 1977 the Philadelphia Eagles traded away their former all-pro tight end, Charlie Young to the Los Angeles Rams for Ron Jaworski. Since both players had completed their contracts, the trade was technically illegal but no one objected to the trade and it went through.

Who did the warriors trade Mitch Richmond for?

billy Owens

Who did the eagles trade to get Nnamdi Asomugha?

They didn't trade anyone. Asomugha was a free agent.

What made Philadelphia a great area for factory's and trade?

It was on a river.

What did mail trade?

anna marie owens stuck her head in a toilet! yay!

Who did cowboys trade for TO?

The Cowboys didn't trade anyone for T.O. They signed him after the Eagles released him in 2006.

Will the Dallas Cowboys trade terell Owens?

yes.........................................along with safety roy willams

What player did the Eagles trade to get QB Ron Jaworski?

In early 1977, the Rams traded Jaworski to the Eagles for TE Charle Young.

what made philadelphia a great for factories and trade?

It was on a river.

Who did the eagles trade for roman gabriel?

WR Harold Jackson and FB Tony Baker.