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The star of the TBS situation comedy "Are We There Yet?" saw duty as a defensive end and linebacker with the Los Angeles Rams (1991), the San Diego Chargers (1993) and the Washington Redskins (1995). He finished his NFL career as an acquisition by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1996.

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Terry Crews played in games in three NFL seasons:

1) 1991 - Los Angeles Rams

2) 1993 - San Diego Chargers

3) 1995 - Washington Redskins

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Q: What year did terry crews play in the nfl?
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What position did terry crews play?

Terry Crews played defensive end/linebacker in the NFL for three seasons, playing for the Rams, Chargers, and Redskins.

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to become an actor in his career

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No. Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews never won a Super Bowl.

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Terry Crews played for three NFL teams. He was in the camp for a fourth team, but did not make the final roster. Los Angeles Rams (1991) San Diego Chargers (1993) Washington Redskins (1995) Philadelphia Eagles (1996) - did not make final roster

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