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Q: What year did shevchenko leave Chelsea?
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What soccer team does shevchenko play for?

Shevchenko plays on Chelsea For the 09-10 season

Who wears the number 7 shirt for Chelsea?

Andriy Shevchenko

What position does andriy shevchenko play in?

Andrliy Shevchenko plays in Chelsea but he might move to FC Moscow, he is a forward player.

Does shevshanco play for Chelsea?

Yes Shevchenko does play for Chelsea he was signed from A.C. Milan for approximately £32,000,000

Where is Andrea shevchenko plays right now?

He's on loan at AC Milan from Chelsea, though he isn't playing much and expects to leave at the end of the season

Which Romanian stricker played both for Chelsea and AC milan?


Which romanian striker played both for ac milan and Chelsea?


Who are the players that left Chelsea FC during 2008?

The players who left Chelsea are Andriy Shevchenko and Claude Makelele

Is shevchenko on loan to ac Milan?

yes he is on loan from Chelsea football club

How many champions league goals has shevchenko scored?

45 (Milan, Chelsea, Kiev)

How many goals did shevchenko scored for Chelsea in the English primier league?

It was nine goals.

In which year did shevchenko play for AC Milan?

he started to play for ac milan in 1999 and moved to chelsea in 2006 then he came back to milan in 2008 loan and in 2009 he moved to dynamo