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Q: What would a Michael Jordan tar heel card be worth?
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How much would a 1991 upper deck Michael Jordan collectors choice card 75 be worth?

How much is Michael Jordan's collectors choice card 75 from 1991 be worth

What is the following card worth ...michael-jordan-card-23-karat-gold-rookie-signature?

The card "Michael Jordan card 23 Karat gold rookie signiture" is absolutely rare. It is estimated that the card would be at least worth $2,000 and increasing in worth.

What is a rare Michael Jordan card worth?

it worth 25 dollars

What is a Michael Jordan action figure with card worth?


What is value of autographed Michael Jordan NBA card?

I own a signed card of Michael Jordan and I believe it's worth a little over $500

What would an Michael Jordan all star card 69 from 1991 be worth?

Chaz James Culbertson

How much is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

In 2010 it was worth $1,000.00

How much is a 1988 fleer michael jordan card?

Worth about $50

How much would a Michael Jordan 1986 1987 upper deck hologram card made in 1995 card number jc2 be worth?

About $2

Upper deck Michael Jordan 1997 influence card worth?

about $.75

What is a Michael Jordan farm club baseball card worth?

almost $14,000!

What is a 1988 89 Michael Jordan fleer card worth?

About $25.00 dollars.