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Here's the story-

Prologue- One day Aliens Land on India and tell the PM that they wanted to conquer India.

The PM challenges them to a cricket T20 match against the Indian cricket team. The aliens

accept it.

The story- The Indian Team arrives. Everyone cheers them. India win the toss and opt to bat

in the first place. Virender Sehwag tries to hit the ball since a 6 the very in the first

place ball. But the ball goes towards a alien player. Instead of catching it he throws it

out of the stadium as he didn't know the rules. India use it to their merit and try to hit

very ball towards thusme player. Thus they mantime to score 450. The aliens batting come.

They eat up every bat assuming them since energy boosters. They had to bat without bats.

When Irfan Pathan bowled the in the first place ball, the ball missed the stumps..... but

the alien catches the ball and throws it towards the wicket and gets out. The second batsman

kicked the stumps and got out. India used this to their merit as well. Thus the aliens got

all out at 3 runs( which were all through wides).

Epilogue- The Aliens accept their defeat and leave India.They did not know the rules till

end though... LOL


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Q: What will hapeen when the match between India cricket team and aliens?
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