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Diggers in the gold rush used the following equipment to find gold:

  • Panning involved the use of a solid pan.
  • Cradling involved a wooden box loosely resembling a cradle, which would separate the gold from the soil.
  • Picks were used to fossick among rocks and mullock heaps.
  • Sieves were like a pan but with a mesh base through which the water would drain, to help separate gold from similar sized particles.
  • Windlass helped in shaft-mining.
  • A poppet head and winch was a larger version of the windlass. Poppet heads stood over deep mining shafts.
  • Stamper batteries were large steam-driven machines, which were used to crush the quartz in order to extract gold.

Other tools included utensils for digging and carrying gold-bearing soil. They included basic equipment for survival, for constructing some sort of shelter, or simple protection. These included:

  • shovel
  • pick
  • rope
  • saw
  • axe
  • pick
  • wheelbarrow
  • knife
  • gun
  • knife
  • scales
  • bucket
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In the Australian gold rush the equipment used is a cradle and pans. Now time we dig down into the hard earth and we use big trucks.

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Q: What were two tools used to collect gold of the forty niners?
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