What were buffalo bill kids names?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What were buffalo bill kids names?
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What are the names of buffalo?

Asian Buffalo, or by their scientific name Bubalus bubalis.

How manychildren did bill have. what are there names?

Bill does not have any kids. He is single...

How old was buffalo bill when he had his kids?

he was 7 bull years you figure out the rest

Did the bisto kids have names?


Did buffalo bill Cody have brothers and sisters if yes what are their names?

Buffalo Bill's is my third great uncle and his mothers name is Ida Cody which was changed to Ida King when she remarried.

What was the names of the kids on Barney?

moe bill margret Jojo

What is the names of patricia reilly giffs kids?

Jim Bill Ali

Was Buffalo Bill on the buffalo nickel?

The name of the coin refers to the buffalo on its reverse side. It's unrelated to Buffalo Bill.

What are Kultida and Earl Woods kids names?

Richard& merv&bill&jeffa

What were the names of Jim hensons kids?

bill, bob, frank, tomatoe, and george

What was Buffalo Bill Cody's job?

What was Buffalo Bill Cody's job?

Where is buffalo bill buried?

buffalo bill is buried in genese colorado.